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Jus Communications
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We have been established for 20 years in Shropshire
and the surrounding counties offering IT support and
solutions for home and business applications.

Residential NV Cameras
Commercial NV Cameras
Long Range NV Cameras
indoor cameras Office/shop security
Dome Cameras
recording systems
D V R s and PC cards
Screens Monitors
auto security systems and Cameras
Wirless units and systems
Wirless units and systems

Wi-Fi Connections
Squarial point to point
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The Antenna comes with MOUNTING KITS. The panel antenna extends the AP ranges in a single floor setting, and it is best to be positioned in the corner of the building. The antenna is point-point, directional transmission so you can connect to LANS between the buildings in the campus settings. The coverage angle is Horizontal: 15° Vertical: 16°. It¡'s used for outdoor ONLY. The range is up to 1900m. The connector type is N FEMALE so strongly suggest use N MALE TYPE LOW LOSS PRE-ASSEMBLIED CABLES for best results.
5G Omni antenna n
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This 5G Omni antenna is an omni-directional type that will increase signal range and strength greatly in a sphere shape. It comes with a very good fitting kit that includes high quality brackets nuts, bolts and washers. It can be used to cover 360 degree pops The signal range will be around 1200~1500m Connector type is N female please choose N male type cable assemblies Strong suggest use Low Loss cable.